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Here you can access resources related to our project.  If there is anything you can not find then please get in touch via our contacts page and one of our team will be happy to help.


In December 2017 our project reached it’s mid way point with two and half years under our belt, lots of great achievements have been made as well as many lessons having been learned.  Our ‘Half Way’ report aims to capture our progress and build upon our experiences for the remainder of the project.

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This document is the guiding document for upland path work construction and sets the standard to which all upland paths should be built.  All work within our project aims to achieve the standards set out within this document and our trainees use it’s contents as reference for their studies.

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This document guides the management of upland path work contracts and should be used in conjunction with the Construction Standards above.

The Upland Path Management manual has five sections:

  1. Project planning – from path repair as a right solution to planning for ongoing maintenance
  2. Path surveying – from area surveys to condition and specification surveys
  3. Management of path contract teams
  4. Management of health and safety in pathwork –including relevant legislation
  5. Training and development

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During the first half of the project we have worked with renowned adventure film producer Paul Diffley, of HotAches productions, to produce a range of films promoting the key themes of our project.  Aimed to inspire people recognise the fragile nature of our maintain landscapes and to get involved in helping conserve them these films have been shown at mountains film festivals, in schools and by partner agencies.  You can download each film from Vimeo with or without subtitles.