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This resource has been developed to complement and enhance the geography curriculum in Scotland and focuses on the competing pressures of recreation and land management in the Scottish countryside. It may also be useful for other subjects such as environmental science, rural skills, as well as groups completing the John Muir Award.

This is a practical resource equally suitable for use in the classroom, school grounds or local community as it is during study visits to the wider countryside.

Section 1: Introduction

An introduction to key factors affecting our mountains has been provided alongside links to sources of further information. This is followed by a series of activities designed to help bring the subject to life.


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Section 2: Mountain Environments

The unique qualities of the habitats in our mountain environments.


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Section 3: Weather & Climate

How weather affects the mountain environment.


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Section 4: Recreation & Management

Recreational activities taking place in the mountains and how these affect the environment.


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Section 5: Path Management

How path construction and management can help manage the impacts of recreation on fragile environments.


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Section 6: Web Links

This section of the resource pulls together all of the web links included within the resource as well as one or two extras which we think you and your students will find useful when working through the activities.

Due to the fast changing nature of the internet some links may go out of date.  We will en-devour to fix these as soon as possible however should you spot any links that don’t work then please let us know.

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Section 7: Case Studies

This section includes two case studies of mountain path projects undertaken as part of The Mountains & The People project.  All of the information included within the case studies as well as the raw data provided in Section 7 is accurate and reflects the real life challenges our fragile mountain habitats face.



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Section 8: Raw Data

Ben Aan Rainfall & People Counter Data

Ben Dubh Rainfall & People Counter Data