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Ben Ledi Multi-day Volunteer Task

Three days of hard work on Ben Ledi

Over the course of three days on Ben Ledi, 10 of our volunteers managed to make a massive difference to the lower section of the path. We completely rebuild a section of path, re-dug two sections of ditching & widened and fixed a section of stone pitching.

This volunteer task at Ben Ledi was the first of our multi-day tasks where volunteers can return for more than one day to the same site. This means we can carry out more technical work on the path and gives volunteers chance to really get to know path-building.

We were tasked with repairing 4 sections of the path, all of which had issues with erosion.  Luckily the stone needed to do the work had been flown in by helicopter, so all we needed to do was move it into place. Easier said than done!

The first section of path needed to be completely rebuilt with new stone pitching put in. This technical task involves digging the right sized hole, finding stones with good “treaders” and then getting the stones to fit together perfectly so that they don’t wobble when someone steps on them. It’s a difficult job, but the the finished section is fantastic.

Before and after of section one

Two of the sections had been partially washed away and in the winter were sheets of ice due to the ditch at the side of the path being completely full of debris. So we needed to re-dig the ditches to get the water flowing again. It was a muddy job, but very satisfying when you hear the water trickling down the ditch.

The final section of path we were working on was an area of stone pitching which had become overgrown causing people to start walking off the path. When we started cutting into the vegetation, we found that there was another 50cm of path hidden underneath years of mud and plant growth.

Before and after of section three

It was a great few days and it really felt good to get so much work done. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who came along to help.

There will be more multi-day volunteer tasks later this year, the next being at Mar Lodge Estate near Braemar in June. To find out more check out our volunteering pages on the website.